As you may know by now, I write nearly every day.

Weekdays. Weekends. Holidays.

For one, it’s an important aspect for my business growth. But more importantly, I want to maintain this macro productive momentum I have accumulated in the past months to continue propelling myself to succeed.

As a writer, I’ve discovered that the atmosphere I set up can massively influence my chances of success (i.e. my ability to deliver great ideas and write consistently).

Here’s a couple of tips for you to make sure you’re also primed for daily victory.

Tip #1 Raise Your Energy Level As Much As Possible

Although you remain mostly steady during writing, it does consume a lot of mental and physical energy. Make sure you have a healthy nutritious meal before you start your day.

Since I am a health geek and I like to experiment things around, I do intermittent fasting occasionally where I don’t eat for 4-5 hours after I wake up. (Note: I drink 500 ml of lemon water regardless because of a whole night of dehydration.)

However, normally I would make a 500 ml green, healthy supplements-filled smoothie as my energy boost weapon. I find it stomach-filling and I am able to focus for a few hours straight (with short breaks) to finish my most important tasks of the day.

Tip #2 Set A Schedule To Write Something Every Day, No Matter What

You want to make writing an automatic behavior, a natural habit, a part of your identity.

When writing becomes as regular as brushing your teeth, you will unlikely to develop those newbie symptom called the writer’s block.

Personally I start writing immediately after I have finished my morning success ritual. It’s the first thing I do in my business routine because that’s when I have the most willpower and creativity to come up with ideas and communicate them efficiently.

If you do this consistent enough for a month or two, it’s no big deal to engrave a few thousand words in your Microsoft Word document every day.

Tip #3 Inspiration Comes From Stimulation

One way to keep your creativity juices flowing is to use your notebook or smartphone to record any ideas that pop into your head when you’re not writing.

If you don’t capture them immediately, the brilliant epiphany in your head is going to vanish and you won’t be able to recall it.

Also, learn something new about the expertise or the topic of your writing every day.

When your mind is stimulated by other authors, ideas, thoughts or creations, you’ll be able to combine things together and come up with your personal take on any subjects.

It’s not recommended to skip a single day when you’re developing these habits, but don’t panic when you do. Just pick up where you have left off the next day and keep going.

As long as you don’t remain idle for too long, you can still build your habit.

So take these 3 tips today to improve your writing, increase your readership and expand your message across the globe. I look forward to seeing you in the next bestselling author list!

Source: by Keye Wu

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