It takes the best WordPress security features and techniques, and combines them in a single plugin thereby ensuring
that as many security holes as possible are patched without having to worry about conflicting features of the possibility of missing anything on your site.

• Go to Plugins, then type in “Better WP Security” on the search
box. Click “Install Now”

• Once you have installed and activated the plugin in WordPress, click the newly created “Security” button on the Dashboard menu.

• Click on “Security” tab in your WP dashboard. You will be asked to take back up of your database.

• Click on “Create Database Backup” if you don’t have backup of your website. But if you already have a backup, just click on the “No, thanks. I already have a backup” button.

• Then the plugin will ask for your permission to edit WordPress Core files. If you don’t want to authorize this plugin to edit core files of your WP Installation, simply click on “Do not allow this plugin to change WordPress core files” button and proceed further.

• You will be taken to the Better WP Security main dashboard. You’ll see different tabs like Dashboard, User, Away, Ban,
Backup, Hide, Detect, Login SSL, Tweaks and Logs. There is a description or guide you can read on each tab.

• This is also where you can choose to secure your site from basic attacks, change admin username, change user 1 ID, Add Host and Agent Blacklist, enable banned users, create database backup, and so on.


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