Broken Link Checker

Description: “This plugin will monitor your blog looking for broken
links and let you know if any are found. It monitors links in your
posts, pages, comments, etc.”
• Go to Plugins, then type in “Broken Link Checker” on the search
box. Click “Install Now”

• Once you have installed and activated the plugin in WordPress,
navigate to the plugin’s setting page. Settings >> Link Checker

• On the Link Checker Options > General tab
There’s a few settings that are important to set up once you install
the plugin.
• Check each Link: we can leave this defaulted to every 72 hours.
• Also, you check the box “Send me e-mail notifications about
newly detected broken links”
• You can also check the box “Apply custom formatting to
broken links” and “Stop search engines from following broken
• After making all the changes, click on “Save Changes”

broken link checker

Look For Links In tab

This is where you can decide which areas of your site you check for
links. These setting are really up to personal preference, so it’s up
to you which of the boxes should be checked.

broken link checker

Which Links to Check tab

This is where you can choose which types of links to check whether
it is HTML, plain text or videos from outside sources. The exclusion
list allows you to create a list of words that will not be checked.

broken link checker

Protocols and APIs tab

This is where you can decide which protocol to use.

broken link checker

Advanced tab

• Timeout is the limit in which if the links take longer to load in
the specified time, it will be marked as broken.
• Link monitor allows you to run the Dashboard while open and
wun in the background hourly.
• Max.execution time enables you to set for how long the link
monitor may run each time before stopping.
• Server load limit allows you to set a limit to suspend link
checking when the average server load rises above the limit.
• Forced recheck allows you to make the plugin empty its link
database and recheck the entire site from scratch by clicking
on the “Re-check all pages” button.


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