Would you like to build a membership site? If so, once again you’re not alone. There is growing interest in this area as well.
Luckily once again WordPress offers a solution. Here are some pointers to get you started in the right direction.
What Are the Benefits?

1. It releases you from having to constantly invent and launch new products.

2. With a membership site your members are also your customers, so you don’t have to market to them over and over.
They’ll hear about your products naturally on your site.

3. A membership site gives you a stable income every month, every quarter, or every year depending on how you set it up.
Cash flow is the life’s blood of any business.

A good suggestion for content is to keep it as Evergreen as possible. In the long run, it’s better for your customers and
your members, and it’s a lot better for you since you don’t need to keep constantly changing your content. We know that
things become outdated quickly in Internet marketing; nevertheless, some things have value for a long period of time.
Another good suggestion is to vary your content by delivering a mix of formats. This will appeal to your members various
preferences. Also, some formats are better than others for certain content. Using good mix might include:

• Tutorial videos – these are great for step-by-step, overthe-shoulder instruction
• Webinars – these are fun! The speakers and listeners have
a good time interacting
• Audio interviews – the absolute fastest way to create content and fun and they’re interesting, too
• Articles – people still like to read, and articles give people a chance to digest the material
• Lists – people love these – list of resources, list of websites, mindmaps, or flowcharts
• Slides – these are popular because they condense information to a minimum Pricing If your membership site is going to be paid rather than free, it’s a good idea to start at a low price and increase it as your membership grows and your site gains popularity. This will get a lot of people in the door, and they will tend not to cancel when you raise your price for new members. One pricing technique is to give the member a choice between a monthly rate and a discounted yearly rate. Studies have shown that a large majority of members choose the yearly rate. With a discounted rate you lose a little money and the stability of a monthly income, but you are more likely to get more people to sign up if you give them a choice.

Accepting Payments

The two best choices are PayPal and Clickbank. PayPal is easier by far, and it only takes a few minutes to set it up. Clickbank
offers you analytics and other features that PayPal doesn’t, but it is not free and it takes longer to set up. Both choices have excellent reputations and are safe bets, especially if you are a newcomer.

Marketing and Retention of Your Membership Site Once your site is set up, you need to keep the interest of your subscribers and attract new subscribers. You do this through your autoresponder which you set up to e-mail them with updates and blog posts. This keeps current members happy and interests your list in joining your membership site.

Attention to a few crucial things will keep your members happy. First, consistently update your members’ area with relevant content of value. Second, give your members the best support you can through e-mail, Facebook, or on the site itself. Third, keep them in mind when you come across tools or software or anything else that might be useful to them. If the items are free, pass them on to the members. If the items are paid, give them a review and a recommendation to buy or not to buy. This saves your members time and money and will make them very happy.

Membership Site Software

Again, you’re faced with more choices than you might want!

Here are some choices you could look into:

1. eMember
2. Digital access pass
3. WishList member

All of these solutions are WordPress based. You should do your own research of course, but let’s take a quick look at WishList member. It is rather popular, and inexpensive.
Note: There are free membership solutions out there, but if you plan on making money with your membership site, then
consider purchasing good software a necessary cost.

WishList  member is a plug-in that can be used for one or more membership sites. WishList has a one-time fee for the plug-in,
which means no recurring monthly fees. You can purchase a license to use it on one site or a license to use it on multiple
sites. The developers continue to tweak it and add features. With the premium version, you can add additional plug-ins to
maximize your site. You can also link it directly to your shopping cart or auto responder program. The files are encrypted, so you know it’s secure.

The combination of WordPress and WishList enables optimum customizations. It takes a little while to setup, but after that
it’s easy to update. No doubt about it, a membership site takes time, thought, and effort. But interaction with the group of people is also very enjoyable. If the site is run well and popular, it can be quite lucrative. Try to keep things simple but smart – the secrets to a successful membership site.


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