WordPress allows you to easily create a prebuilt website. This enables you to focus on more important things like content,
sales or running your business. Here are the major benefits:

1. It’s Free! – WordPress can be downloaded at WordPress.org at absolutely no cost! You do need a hosting company, but that’s very reasonable as well. Even a very good hosting company is less than $10 a month, and you will be able to host any number of websites for that single $10. The good hosting companies provide Fantastico with your plan. This allows you to install WordPress with just a few clicks. No software, no co-coding, no programming – what’s not to like?
If you want to keep it cost free, you can get free hosting at WordPress.com. Keep in mind it lacks the flexibility of your own hosting.

2. Free Training – There is some learning curve for those of us who are not techies, and WordPress offers many quality
tutorials online to help get you up to speed. After that, adding content is a snap. Again, no writing code and no technical expertise needed to add content or maintain your website. That’s a true blessing for all of us non-techies!

3. Super Easy Installation – Two things you need for a website are a domain and a hosting company. If you have a good hosting company, your control panel probably has an option called Fantastico. When you click on it, WordPress can be installed with just a few clicks. Gone is the complicated, technical coding of the past.

4. Website Themes – WordPress offers thousands of free themes to choose from. A theme is basically a template by which you choose the look and feel of your site. You can also purchase themes which can be installed on WordPress, again with just a few clicks. You can have custom themes designed if you choose. The themes will provide for you a clean and professional looking site even without custom design work. And the great thing is, if you want to change your theme, you can replace your theme with another one, and it won’t affect your blog posts or pages. No need for graphics and design – it’s all done for you.
Paid themes also usually offer some form of support so consider that when choosing a theme.

5. Functionality – WordPress contains more than 8000 plug-ins to offer you functionality with, again, just a few clicks. There are thousands more plug-ins outside of WordPress that can be easily installed. All you need to do is download the plug-in, unzip it, and upload it to your plugin directory, and you’re good to go. Plug-ins allow you to do anything you desire with ease, whether it’s communicating content or selling products. For example, you can track site visits, fight spam, create contact forms, improve your site security, and many more things. And, for the most part, these plug-ins are absolutely free.
6. Open source – WordPress is built with PHP, and it’s source code can be seen by anyone who wants to look at it. In addition, WordPress has included both extensive documentation and a range of functions. Because of this, you can easily program themes and plug-ins with just a minimal knowledge of PHP.

7. Self updating – WordPress includes a feature that notifies you if upgrades are available for either the WordPress software or your plug-ins. Many times all you need to do is click for the upgrades to be installed automatically. Again, this means ease of use.

8. Search engine power – WordPress boosts your search engine optimization abilities because Google, Yahoo, and Bing, the top three search engines, love WordPress. There are many SEO related plug-ins available that will increase that power even more. This makes small companies more competitive.

9. Technical support – although WordPress does not offer tech support there are plenty of options available to you. There’s a very active forum on WordPress.org, with users who are willing to help people having problems with the software. Also, there are other websites, message boards, and blocks with people happy to help you. Since so many users use WordPress and since WordPress is not complicated to begin with, the expertise you need is readily available.

Key Points

1. WordPress Is Free – This platform is used by millions of bloggers and site owners because it’s FREE…
2. Easy to Install and Use – And it gets easier and easier! If you have the right hosting company, you can install WordPress
with ONE CLICK! Now that’s easy!
3. Themes – WordPress has more than 10,000 free themes, with premium and custom themes on top of those. There are
many other sites with free themes for WordPress that will make your site look great, express your personality, and make your
site stand out from other sites.
4. Pages – WordPress allows you to easily create unlimited web pages. This helps turn WordPress into a fantastic CMS (Content
Management System). You can easily manage the pages with plug-ins.
5. Multiple Authors – Bloggers who like your blog and who are in your niche can make a profile on your blog and become
guest authors. They can post articles and you can review them for publishing. This keeps your content fresh and interesting.
6. Scheduled Publishing – You can write blog posts in advance and then schedule them to go out on specific dates.
This frees you up to do other things like managing your business.
7. Language Translation – WordPress is available in 50 languages. So everyone can use WordPress in their native
language. This is all done with a plug-in.
8. SEO Friendly – Another plug-in takes care of SEO. The Allin-One SEO plug-in manages your SEO needs. This increases
your website’s rank and your chances of being found in organic searches – all critical to your bottom line.
9. Google Loves WordPress – The Google XML Site Map plugin gets articles indexed on Google as soon as they’re
10. Variety – WordPress lets me show content in every possible way – photos, videos, posts, whatever I want.
11. Worldwide Acknowledgement and Support – Hundreds of thousands of users work with WordPress by not only using
it, but improving it and fixing problems. This keeps WordPress functional and up to date.
12. An Informed Choice – Not only does WordPress power millions of websites worldwide, but some of the most powerful
companies like CNN, Ford, and New York Times blogs, use WordPress. They have the financial ability and the expertise to
use anything they think will do the best job, and they chose WordPress!
If you aren’t yet sold on the power of WordPress, check out the next section for links to a small sample of the powerful plugins
available to WP users.


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