The company website has a crucial role in inbound marketing, both in terms of generation of business contacts and the existing customer loyalty.

Find new B2B customers are a tall order and one must begin from the site to turn it into a perfect lead generation mechanism. In this article, we will tell you some tips to restructure the company’s website.

  • Testimonials
  • Redesign the call to action
  • New offers
  • Update on the CTA post
  • Eliminate obstacles
  • Test & Optimization
  • Secondary call to action
  • Buyer’s journey
  • Ad hoc optimization

In order for the conversion path to a foreign visitor to lead it encounters any obstacles, make sure that your company website has the potential to become the ace in the hole to find new business opportunities, starting with these 9 tips.

1) Testimonials

The basic concept is simple: people tend to conform their behavior to suit others actions assuming that these are correct. In other words, the widespread mentality is that if others do a certain thing, and I trust them, I feel entitled to do the same in return.

By applying the same philosophy to the company website, your visitors, and prospects, they will trust of other users who have downloaded content before them, have subscribed to the newsletter, and have signed a contract with the company.

Let’s take an example: if you have a company blog, you’ll probably have a call to action that invites you to sign up to receive updates. Why not add a sentence that communicates the number of subscribers? The reader, in this way, feels they do not want to stay out of this community and will be more inclined to enter their email address.

Another example of a witness can be one of the satisfied customers, linked from the homepage of the company website to the section of the case study. On the other hand, you can include the tweets of those who have already downloaded the eBook you are promoting from CTA to guarantee the quality of the content on the part of those who have already read.

2) Redraw the call to action

The design of the call to action, after some time, it may seem old and outdated, especially if they are used in different marketing channels. If all of the CTA on a company website are similar, they stop stand compared to the rest of the text and decrease the chances of clicks, even if the user has not yet had access to the offer proposed. Update them often, therefore, to ensure you always get a visitor on effect.

If you notice a drop in clicks on the call to action, edit them.

3) New offers

Change the design of the CTA can significantly increase the number of clicks, but may not be enough, especially if the same offers proposals are less and less attractive. Even the very age, therefore, both from the point of view of the contents proposed that for their repetition in the long term.

Not even the best offers are effective forever, so take some time to create new ones, update and reposition some evergreens that need revitalization. At this stage, the analysis of performance is essential, based on evidence of the behavior and interaction of visitors to the company website, before making any changes.

4) Upgrading CTA to post

As suggested by the previous paragraph, you have created and published a new offer; you want to test with a CTA to be included in the next article of the corporate blog. With the passage of time, you might realize that the blog article becomes very popular, attracting traffic, other sites that mention it through links, the keywords for which you have the optimized position yourselves very well in web searches… In short, everything perfect but the offer is not producing the same result, so it’s a flop. Do not worry! It just happens to everyone!

After all, that fantastic post is still online and is continuing to receive so many visitors, so you can simply replace the CTA with a better performance. In this way, all that traffic will not be wasted, passed the term, and it will help improve the lead generation of the company website.

5) Removing obstacles

How fluid your conversion process from lead users? Let’s see what are the tips to prevent certain elements of the corporate website become real obstacles for lead generation.

Reduce the number of fields to fill in a form
Create landing pages customized for each offer
Eliminate the navigation menu from the landing page
Eliminate the call to action from the landing page
Share links to landing pages on social networks
Place the form to fill in the first half of the landing page
Use direct language (e.g. Download, subscribe, participates) in the CTA and landing pages
Make easy conversion process by each device
With these easy steps, you will not miss an opportunity to convert visitors into leads strangers valid for your business.

6) Test & Optimization

As with any activity linked to your marketing strategy to run the tests is the best way to improve the conversion rate because you will base your choices on the analysis of real data. In the case of the call to action, it is advisable to test different elements: design, sizes, colors, text, font, and position. With regard to the landing page, however, the experiments can be conducted on the same elements of CTA and, in addition, on the length of the page and the number of fields to fill in the form.

Please keep the test reports that executed, so you have at hand useful information about user behavior on the company website. Only practice and experience will teach you what works for your target audience and how to optimize the pages already in the planning phase.

7) Call to secondary action

If you are wondering whether to add other CTA to a page of the company website cannot become confusing to the visitor, you are right. It is important that each section is dedicated to a specific offer, but there are exceptions. If the secondary call to action is not competing with the main one, it can, in fact, be useful to save those users who are not interested and scan the page in search of a different topic.

In the case of an article on the blog, for example, the main offer concerns the download of an eBook, but there is another less obvious which invites you to subscribe to the newsletter. Those who still do not want to download content (and leave too much data) can receive updates of interest.

For you, these may lead to mature and become customers, if you manage to feed them through the processes of marketing automation.

8) Buyer’s journey

The buyer’s journey is the purchasing path that is followed by your person buyers, the ideal customer you want to attract to you. In the call to action choice to place the company’s website, therefore, there must be a logic based on the person buyer characteristics and needs, but also on the time of the buyer’s journey that is experiencing.

First, mapped offers depending on the stages of the buying process in which they are addressed: a new visitor might be interested in a content such as an eBook or a checklist that are not required too many data, a more advanced user to a guide, a catalog or a house-depth study, to a lead almost ready to buy it is evaluating the supplier to choose, however, you can offer a free demo or product samples.

The inbound marketing is very important to give prospects what they need, but the timings are critical, the mapping of the content will allow you to organize the deals within the company website basing on logic, common sense and the marketing analysis performed in the process of designing the strategy.

9) Ad hoc Optimization

It could happen that in some moments of the year there are some pages receiving traffic spikes, for example, if you have an events section and organized a congress or you are present at a trade fair, you will want to inform your customers and prospects via all digital channels. Links from social media and the blog will bring many visits to the section events that must be prepared and optimized to be able to convert those users into qualified business contacts.

The ad hoc optimization will serve to capture even those users’ seasonal opportunities that could turn into commercial development. Check that there is a significant call to action, which is securely connected to the landing page and never miss an opportunity.

Source: AH Sagar 

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