When you’re only receiving a few e-mails each week that need some customer support, taking care of them through your email might be adequate. Even so, any e-mails that go unanswered help create customer dissatisfaction. It’s better to
begin using helpdesk support before your business becomes so large that it’s an absolute necessity. This gives you a little
time to become familiar with the software.
Having a help desk support system means that there is one central location to answer your customer needs. That means
you are relieved from having to look at your e-mail constantly to check for customer questions or complaints. The software
automatically lets the customer know that his or her e-mail has been received.
The helpdesk software you choose should have four important features: it should have the ability to categorize and separate
different types of support issues; it should set up a knowledge base customers can use for answers to common questions; it
should have a priority system so customers can choose the urgency of the need for a reply; it should have a backup
system. We all know that servers crash from time to time.
Without a backup system you would have to reset all of your preferences, and you could lose important customer tickets.
You can choose from many helpdesk software solutions on the market, but one of the best is available on WordPress!


SupportPress is an easy to install theme courtesy of WooThemes. Upon installation you can save documentation, respond to customer support tickets, post updates about your site, and send private messages to your team. Once installed, your WordPress dashboard will show for new sections on the left: tickets, KB articles, messages, and the SupportPress settings. You can look at individual tickets and messages there and edit them with WordPress editing. You can also use your own company style and logo with SupportPress. Visitors who come to your site will see your blog posts and can sign-up to submit a support ticket. Customers who have submitted tickets can see the status of the tickets and reply to them after they’ve login. Agents working on the tickets can see all the tickets they need to respond to and can view internal messages as well.
SupportPress allows you to view all the tickets, only new tickets, or sort them by category. You can also see how old
they are if you want to respond to them in order of urgency. Another feature of SupportPress is its internal message system
which allows you to send messages to your whole team at once. This is a true efficiency boost.
Help desk support provided through a system makes life easier for you and for your customers. It gives customers one central
place to ask questions and to get resolution. It builds rapport with them, and it frees up your time to do other things.


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