A recent trend with website owners that’s quickly becoming more popular is to have your own Question and Answer
platform. Do you have an area of expertise, or would you like to develop one?

Creating a question and answer platform will bring you fast traffic. Answering questions with answers of value increases
your chances of getting more interested viewers. You can use your posts and comments to reference back to the material on
your website. This creates organic, high quality keyword backlinks to your website. Those backlinks rank highest in the
search engines. At the same time, you are building your value and your credibility with your viewers.
Everyone has questions they need answered. Being able to go to one place for these answers is very convenient for your
viewers. This leads to increased visibility of any products or services you are selling.

One caution: a question-and-answer website demands a fair share of your time. You can keep this time to a minimum if
you’re addressing topics that you’re familiar with and working with in other ways.
One way to minimize the time you spent on your Questionand- Answer platform is to choose the right WordPress theme
or plugin.

WordPress “Question and Answer” Solutions

• Templatic’s Answers Theme (premium)
• Wp-Answers (premium)
• QnA Theme (premium)
• Instant QnA Theme (premium)
• Question and Answer Wp Plugin (free)

The free plugin will let you add a Question and Answer area to
just about any WordPress theme you use.


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