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The Best Ways To Open a PSD File Without Photoshop

Personally, I love Photoshop’s PSD file format. It’s a way to save everything that’s going on in the image editor at a given moment, so you can pick up work later, or incorporate slight changes in an elaborate file without having to start from scratch.
However, a lot of people – image artists included – aren’t ready or willing to spend the money for this expensive image editing suite. Whether your friend send you an important file, or you downloaded a PSD file from the Internet, it can be a real chore to work with if you don’t own a copy of Adobe Photoshop yourself.
Luckily, there’s some free tools that allow us to work around this restriction; free applications that allow you to view and edit a PSD file in a familiar editing environment.

Paint.NET + PSD Plugin

Paint.NET is a great, free image editor. It’s no Photoshop, but nevertheless a very capable and user-friendly image editing suite. However, if you’re partial to the application, you might have noticed that it lacks the ability to work with PSD files. That’s where the Paint.NET PSD Plugin comes in.
open psd files without photoshop
After downloading, copy the PhotoShop.dll to the FileTypes folder that’s located in the Paint.NET application directory. The next time you run Paint.NET, the Photoshop PSD file will be recognised, and can be opened like any other file.
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