Gardening Landscape Articles

Over 500 articles on gardening and landscape to do as you please.

What can you do with them?

Anything you like but here are some ideas;

1. Add the articles to your blog. Load them up into your blog as they are, and the next time you’re thinking “what should I blog about?” they’ll be there waiting for you. Whether you take a portion and use it as a “tip of the day” or use the entire article, PLR articles can be a huge time saver for you.

2. Send the content in your newsletter. Need content for your newsletter? PLR articles are an option. Of course, if you’re developing a relationship with your readers, you may wish to edit the articles to make them your own voice. However, you can pull a section from a PLR article – use it as inspiration — and whip out a newsletter in minutes.

3. Start an ecourse If you purchase a package of PLR articles based on a theme, it’s quite easy to turn them into an ecourse simply by adding them to your autoresponder. Something as simple as “Five Ideas for Kids Lunches” can become a 5 day ecourse to grow a big newsletter list.

4. Use them in your podcast Take a PLR article and use it as inspiration for a podcast. Print out the article. Jot down some notes on the paper. Hit record and start talking. Voila. Instant podcast.

5. Send the articles in a print mailing Direct mailing is huge. If you have a list of postal mailing addresses, put together a free report from PLR articles and send it out. 6. Create a special report Simply bulk together some PLR articles that have the same topic, and make them flow into a special report. Turn it into a pdf file and give it away to your website visitors or turn it into an ebook that you sell.


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