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More about Web Headers

Once a visitor lands on your website the first thing they notice is your header. Whether it’s only a small navigation bar or a large fullscreen photo slideshow, the header section is an important part to any layout. Larger headers tend to be more memorable and help to promote a website’s branding. When built correctly a large header can leave an impactful lasting impression on every visitor.

In this post I want to cover a few helpful tips for web designers looking to implement large trendy header sections. The best technique is to focus on a website’s content and highlight the important stuff. Make that content stand out with a featured spot in the oversized header design. Otherwise just focus on branding to create a more recognizable influence.

Hero Images

The use of large fullscreen images has become a lot more commonplace in recent years. Faster Internet connections allow resources to be downloaded quicker than ever before. Now it’s quite simple to include a 1920×1080 background image which naturally resizes to fit any screen size.

The hero image is typically compared to a banner which is placed front-and-center above the fold. This is often used to promote a product, company, or individual with the use of captivating photography. Branding is always a crucial factor, but hero images are not always about branding. The goal is to strike a connection with the visitor and get them itching to scroll a little further.

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