Looking for the right perfume that matches each occasion you attend to may be quite a drag. For some people, women most especially try to linger sometime before putting the exact fragrance they want for the event they will be attending. It has to somehow match their dress they wear, the time of the day, the make-up they have, and lastly, the person they are with.

Perfume logos are often underestimated. You wouldn’t believe the tremendous impact it brings to its consumer just by knowing what brand it is. Surely, you may notice that most perfume logos are just derived from existing cosmetics like Sephora, Lancome or L’oreal. Some from well-known designers like Ralph Lauren, Versace, Kenzo, among others. Other Hollywood stars like Elizabeth Taylor, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton have also ventured into the perfume emporium. Then comes the model that endorses each perfume along with its campaign ad that really entices each onlookers and bystanders.

But did you ever stop to think what these perfume logos really mean. Each icon could actually represent something significant to its company. It may signify a celebration of a company’s flagship to the business world, an actress’ teaser campaign for an upcoming line of clothing or a bond between two existing big companies. For each perfume logo comes out the true essence of its fragrance. It’s lines, geometric figures, font, color. Everything has its meaning behind, why and how they came up with such icon. It really takes a number of studies and research before the birth of one perfume anchoring a regal mark. Sometimes the process even involves numerous surveys among clients, like what type of perfume they like to wear most of the time, what is their favorite time of the day, does the smell of coffee appeal to them? Questions that are sometimes considered senseless, but as you would assess it, it is somehow still relevant.

Consumers are often smitten by the way a product is launched. On buying perfumes, packaging is sometimes used as mere cover-ups, just to divert the attention of its target market. Sometimes to the extent of investing a lot in containers, boxes and bottles. Image models also play a great contribution in the success of the fragrance. Popular figures like singers, actresses, models, maybe another magnetic way to lure one’s client. But whatever strategy each company comes up with, the perfume logos will always be one reason to capture not only the eyes of someone who appreciate the passion of wearing any fragrance, but it’s competitors as well.


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