For email IONOS addresses and iPhone/iPod/iPad from iOS version 6 to iOS version 6.1.4

Learn how to set up an email account on an Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad.


You have an email address set up.

Step 1

Tap on Settings.

Step 2

Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendar.

step 3

Tap on Add account …

Step 4

Tap Others.

Step 5

Tap Add mail account.

Step 6

Enter your name in Name, your email address in E-mail and your password in Password. You are free to choose the description.

Step 7

Select the account type: POP3 or IMAP.

Why is this attitude particularly important? If you only want to manage your emails locally on your mobile device, POP3 is the right choice. On retrieval, all emails are deleted from the server and can no longer be retrieved with another email program. Many devices are already preset for this.

We recommend that you set up the mailbox on mobile devices using IMAP. The emails remain on the server even after retrieval.

If you want to use POP3, use as “Hostname” in the following step under Server for incoming emails.


Step 9

Finally, select which data you want to synchronize and confirm with Save.

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