Nearly all successful writers were not born that way. Even if you were “born” with talent, you still have to use it and hone it to sustain success. Copywriting, while a highly prized and often secretive skill, is not impossible to obtain for the layman. All levels of copywriting can be achieved for the committed writer, you must simply dial in on the most important mindsets of the craft. Here are the top five ways to become a better copywriter.

Headline Mastery Is The Key

You must master your headlines. Headline mastery is the complete foundation of all other successful copywriting skills and techniques. If a reader consumes your headline, you’ve just boosted your chance of them reading the entire article by at least 50 percent.

To that end, no one will read all or even part of an article if the headline is unconvincing. Your reader must be emotionally hooked in order to find anything else in your article, post or piece exciting. To master the art of headline writing, spend most of your writing energy practicing them. When you notice your clickthrough rates have increased, you’ll know your headline writing skills have grown as well. To quantify all this, focus 75 percent of your effort on the headline, and the rest of your work will have great results.

Regular Practice Is The Pathway To Success

Practicing regularly is an absolute must. You cannot expect to become a master only practicing a few times a month, or when you feel like it. Creating a process and schedule for your writing practice is as vital to your success as breathing and consuming food are to your existence as a human being. Just like a sport, muscle, artistic skill or anything else, you’ll become better at copywriting through predictable, scheduled, disciplined practice.

It’s worth investing a few hundred dollars in a high quality copywriting course. This will show you what has worked for dozens of people before you and often how you can get the same results. It also forces you to become invested in the process of learning and to get a return on your investment.

Read, Read, Read

Reading as much as possible – especially old successful sales copy or copywriting that has become a personal favorite of yours – is another incredible fast and viable way to grow into a skilled copywriter. It forces you to see what worked for other contexts and apply the same wisdom to a new sales scenario.

By reading more, you’ll automatically begin to pick up on what piques your interest, and this will show you how to give that back to your readers. What grabs your attention will grab the attention of others – even if that group of people is small at first. It’s better to sell to a smaller group of committed, loyal, eager buyers than try to just convince everyone of what you’re trying to sell. Focus on benefits of your product or service – not features – and you’ll do extremely well. People buy for emotional reasons, not rational ones – this is why benefits work.

Keep A Notepad And Pen At All Times

Keeping a notepad and pen on you everywhere you go ensures you’ll never forget an idea or run out of space to track your inspiration. The mind is a powerful asset capable of countless accomplishments, but don’t bog it down by requiring it to remember a ton of information! You need to keep your mental faculties sharpest in order to produce the highest quality work. Wasting energy on busywork only dulls your edge!

Write down all of your ideas, thoughts and observations – whether or not you think it will come in handy later. It’s best to acquire sheer volume at first so you can sift through all ideas later and decide what you’ll use. Plus, you’ll never know if you’ll want to combine multiple ideas later until you’ve given your ideas some time to sit!

You can rarely predict when inspiration will strike, so it’s best to keep yourself ready at all times. The smartest people aren’t the ones who get it right all the time – they’re the ones who use intelligent productivity hacks to increase output during peak hours and circumstances.

Storytelling Is Your Ultimate Weapon

Storytelling is the ultimate secret of all knockout copywriting. Before you jump to conclusions, impeccable copywriting does not involve skill in fiction writing. Great copywriting is about connecting with your reader emotionally in a way that highlights their current point in life and the painful problem in their way.

Creating a hook, identifying the problem, presenting the solution, reinforcing with testimonials and ending with a call to action is an ideal fundamental recipe for copywriting. If you only use a few of these steps you won’t get the same results as when you use all of them.

The reason storytelling works so well is because it frames an existing conflict in the reader’s life that is easier and more entertaining to understand. A lot of sales and Internet marketing copywriters use storytelling by speaking directly to a person’s emotional desires and describing in lucid detail the results and benefits of buying their product or service.

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